The Techne’s Apprentice Ch.4

Leaving the mess where it lay, Nicholas turned and sprinted back to his room. Kicking the door open, he descended on his desk and began frantically digging through its messy contents. Zephyr followed lazily at his heel, seemingly unconcerned about their very recent brush with a killer robot. “Whatcha looking for?” the little sprite asked. … Continue reading The Techne’s Apprentice Ch.4

The Techne’s Apprentice Ch.3

The door hissed quietly as it opened. A dark room sat beyond, illuminated by only the pathetic flickering of the overhead lights. They made the shadows dance like water, ripples hiding all manner of terrible things within their depths. Watching. Waiting. With a steadying breath Nicholas activated his weapon, the staff in his hands beginning … Continue reading The Techne’s Apprentice Ch.3

The Techne’s Apprentice Ch.2

“This is a bad idea.” “Are you going to stop me?” “No, but it’s still a bad idea.” Nicholas snorted in amusement. Zephyr was an honest creature if nothing else. Waving the sprite away, the young apprentice turned back to continue working on his “bad idea”. An array of computer equipment sat on the workshop … Continue reading The Techne’s Apprentice Ch.2